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  1. Yes i have some info,ive flown in this aircraft a few times,the SK37 VERSION. pel
  2. cougar profiles

    Does anyone know where i can find cougar profiles for il2 forgotten battles, strike fighters,etc,i have been to the cougar site but the profiles there are not very good,ie,FB no profile for throttle use. When will LO-MAC be released? Computer spec.: Sony GDM-F520 .22 dot pitch. Gigabyte P4 Titan sinxp 1394,Audigy 2,6.1 surround sound, 1 Ghz Pc3200,ATI 9800 Radeon Pro 256 DDR, Thrustmaster Cougar, Elite Pedals, Sata Seagate Barrucuda 80gb x2,P4 3.06GHZ

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