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  1. Why Slovenia?

    Hi Folks, I didn´t fly F4 AF for quite some time. Last time I enjoyed it, it was 1.07 stage I think. Now I patched F4 AF to the latest 1.0.11 stage. Apart from the broken GMT mode, which will hopefully soon be fixed, I noticed that in the Allied Force Campaign - on the status screen, where you see written what happens - only Slovenian designations occur. For example: "Slovenian A-10 attacked ground forces near....", "Slovenian F-15C engaged MIG-29 east of...." In the OOB screen NATO and Slovenia are the same - under each are the same values. I read under 1.10 I think that NATO and Slovenia may be mixed up after patch and also that it shouldn´t be the case with a new campaign. I started several new campaigns, but still no more NATO designations. Always "Slovenian F-16 attacked....", "Slovenian A-10 engaged..." - IT SUCKS!! Someone knows what´s going on here? Regards, Bernie

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