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  1. Kirk Olsson's F-16

    Yeah, she´s pretty nice, five stars of five and one xtra!!! But the flight model? Seems, that the FS9-Engine makes all aerodynamic to something like star wars in the outer atmosphere. :( Too much stability on all planes. No fun for me when I´m flying like on rails. Will try it on FS2002, perhaps its better, when I get it back from my "Honey-Bunny". Thougt, I have no use of it any more (no use of FS!) ;) Think, the flight-models do not work right with the new weather-system. Poor viper, hope some day it will fly so right that it looks good now. Big fun sunday! :D
  2. Outstanding work, Col Ecker...oooohhps... Ranger! Do ya know the film "Thirteen Days"? It´s my most favourite strip! :shock: :D I thing (and hope) , the work of you fantastic programming guys brings the most bugged sim since ever in front of it all. Hey ThirdWire, look at this!!! What I expected, is that YOU honored the many hours spend in modelling from these enthusiastics and make the game, the missions and campaigns running RIGHT!!! Best regards, Andrew!
  3. Hi Comrads! What are the DYNAMICS of the campaign? To fly as a navy pilot intercepts and CAPS in the A-4, when at same time the Air Force flies ground attacs with Super Sabres??? Very dynamicly I try to understand, if my squadron has the new Phantom, why shall I engage in the F-100? But it has as a dynamic part of plane-research and development the F4F gunpod under one wing (where is the trim???) and (nice gift) two sparrows instead of the ordered sidewinders and outer wing fuel pods (of the F4F). Okay, the RTB-Mission Failed-Intercepts are reported before. But its very dynamicly too, when I´ll hit the Mig, that isn´t there. I play the german game, it is patched, and runs most time without CTDs, only the sound is very buggy, but thats my CMI8738, I thing. Excuse my english please. Regards, Andrew !

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