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  1. werewolf 1's skins

    hi again chaps,hot on the heels of yesterdays .PDF disaster,i am now having trouble with Beanie's Jasta 17 unknown pilot on page 24,when i unzip it,it say's it is incomplete or corrupted.am i doing something wrong when i unzip it,i use 7-zip.thanks guys (and girls).
  2. werewolf 1's skins

    thank you folks,that is very kind of you all
  3. werewolf 1's skins

    Hi Bullethead,this round is on me.the skins are on page 24 of the OFF skins downloads here at Combat ace.i am making standalones of all the skins and was doing fine until i had problems with these two.i don't know how to convert .pdf into.dds,shame because they are nice skins too.
  4. hi all,i have tried to download Werewolf 1's Red Baron Fokker e.iii and Nieuport bebe skins but for some reason they are in .PDF format,does anyone have .dds copies of these two skins,i have tried to contact Werewolf 1 but he doesn't seem to frequent this forum anymore.thanks guys and girls,pete1 (peterquickenden@btinternet.com)

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