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  1. FOV

    I am flying several sims with triplehead and yes in the 3rd year with trackir also. the combination of both is what i like!!!! if you ever check out how great situational awareness could be with your cockpit and the wings in the middle, and the area around you in the outer monitors, you will never go back!!! this is an idiot feeling as its best i have orderd OFF now and will see myself how it will looks like. i let you know when it is arrived. uwe
  2. FOV

    Hi can anybody give me a picture how FOV will looks like when i will use widescreen or better matrox triplehead. there are a few simulations out there like IL2 wich they have a to close cockpit-view. and no change to change that. so i hope in OverFlandersField i can have a wider cockpit-view(FOV). Uwe

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