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  1. Check out IL-2 or FB for some spot on undercarriage destruction! They've got it just right IMO! R_R
  2. What's with the undercarriage? You can give it some serious bouncing on the deck, but no damage occurs! Suggestion for a fix on the next patch, maybe? R_R
  3. The Sabre is there all right and it flys a treat (after dumping everything in the zip file to a f-86f folder), but no markings! I've tried both of the decals.ini files, one at a time in the folder, but no joy either way :( Any ideas?? R_R
  4. Scratch that, I got it working! R_R
  5. There's 2 different files called 'decals.ini' in the archive, so what should I do with both of these??
  6. Hey all, I just downloaded the Sabre, but the instructions on how to install it are too vague for me! :roll: Is there an idiots guide to doing this??! Thanks in advance, R_R

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