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  1. This new group will offer training to fairly new flight sim pilots using FS9/FSX for all basic to advanced flight training as well as getting into some wargaming online with Vatsim.net, and even enabling effects that everyone can see on Vatsim (they dont see them only the pilots do, and there is no lagg because the effects themselves actually occur on another private gaming server). We cater to newer pilots and when they graduate various stages of training they are offered to go to more specialized squads of their own choosing or can stay on and learn defensive BFM and squadron aggressor tactics for us to become an officially recognized Vatsim partner in Special Operations virtual military. The main entry site is at: http://www.freewebs.com/virtualaviator/ Nightly orientations now begginning at 0000z hours at KPHX, KTUS, or KRNO on Vatsim. I am researching a Teamspeak channel for us; info on the membership group only. We will be flying in FS9/FSX, Falcon 4 Allied Force, LOMAC/FC and ground forces will game on America's Army and Armed Assault 2. There will be possible sub-sim operations as well, providing for worldwide gaming scenarios. There will be a one month probationary period for new pilots; this can be waived at some point for IP prospectives. "Stingray" CEO/XO VMTC

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