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  1. Please, please fix the problem with the poor performance on ATI cards. Here's an example of how bad this is: I have two rigs at home, both are HP Vectra VL-400s. Both have a P3-933 processor. Machine A has 256 MBs RAM and a 3D Prophet 4500 (Kyro-II chipset) video card with 64 MBs RAM. Machine B has 512 MBs RAM and a Radeon 9500 Pro with 128 MBs RAM. The 3D Prophet 4500 blows the Radeon out of the water in playing SF:P1! At the same detail settings, I get 30+ FPS on the 3D Prophet, and 6-8 FPS on the ATI card. This is horribly wrong. I mean, the 3D Prophet only gets about 1200 points on 3D Mark 2001 SE. Thanks. Scott

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