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  1. FE1 crashes

    Hello. I have this weird thing with FE1 every time I quit a mission by hitting the Esc (or any other key) It just shuts down to desktop. quite annoying, running it in windows 7 but in compatibility mode. /T
  2. Joystick help.

    Yes thanks just the kind of answer I wanted :)
  3. Joystick help.

    Hello All. So I´ve come to the conclusion that I want a new joystick, my previous a logitech A3 Is just to simple. It needs to be easily used by both left and right hand. Other than that it´s fairly open, but with a little one on the way my economy is a little bit strained. I am thinking about the Saitek Cyborg Evo ForceFeedback Is it a good choice? I mainly fly ROF, OFF and FE /Tomas

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