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  1. Komisch mit einem Deutschen auf Englisch zu schreiben ;-) Translation: Strange to write with a German in English ;-) If there (in JaboG33) are actually only training crews and no nuclear-QRA´s, there will used BK61 Dummy´s for this. JaboG33 Buechel -that’s the Squadron here was this picture was taken from the squadron photographer. I´ve got this picture absolutely legally and officially. Normally it was strictly forbidden to take Photos of the QRA-Jets. Pictures are therefore rare. I,ve read in I-Net there can be stored till to 44 Each Mk61 Bombs. Actually there will be stored apoplexy 10 - 20 Bk61´s. http://www.bits.de/public/stichwort/atomwaffen-d-eu.htm (for all others - Sorry it´s in German) But very, very few People have exact knowledge because info´s are top secret. It stands to reason why
  2. I have a picture from 1989; I think it's maybe interesting for anybody. It shows a German Tornado with a American Mk61 Nuclear-Bomb and myself (in the middle) in my first time of education as Aircraft Weapon Mechanic respectively - Aircraft Weapon Mechanic Master (Luftfahrzeugwaffenmechanikermeister). I was at last "Oberfeldwebel" (a Rank between Sergeant and Master sergeant) and more than 13 Years in the German Air Force. I was in a maintenance and overhaul Base and overhauled at most the Mauser Bk27mm Tornado gun. Sometimes I worked on a M61 Phantom-Gun, too In our department we overhauled and repaired all aircraft weapons that fire to front like Launchers and Guns. A department near our one they repaired and overhauled Bomb-Racks who was for drop-down Weapons and Tanks. I was fully trained on this and all others in the German Air Force used weapons too, but as Gunsmith I was an outstanding specialist for Aircraft-Guns. Back to the Picture.... It show a QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) Aircraft who was fitted for case of a beginning War. Germany has absolutely no own Atomic-Weapons, but Jets like the Tornado who can handle this Weapons. In Germany was American Atomic-Weapons under control of the US-.Air force an in case of a War USA "lent" Germany this Weapons. I don't know if existing QRA-Aircraft in German Air force with this Weapons today. Click on picture to enlarge
  3. What says Bruce Willis aka Korben Dallas to Leeloo in "The 5th Element"? "Bada bum, Big bada bum"
  4. Hello all together, I’ve started strike fighters as mercenary and I now want to use Nuke’s. My problem is nukes are much, much too expensive. 5Mio for 1Kg Explosive Mass, and the MK28 has 100.000.000 kg Explosive Mass. OK – I can change the Warhead Type with the Weapon Editor, but the Mk 28 stay much too expensive. How can I make nuke cheaper? Maybe for interest: I´ve the patched the Game to Version 2008 and I use the Mirage Factory Weapons Pack 01/25/2009 Greetings from Germany Kalli Sorry for my old School-English (I have had my last English lesson more than 25 Years ago )

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