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  1. Thanks for the info shotdown & Stingray lots of good stuff there. The UP 2.0 looks good, I have noticed there are a few packages like it around AAA UI is another one any comments, pros/cons regarding them given I don't fly on-line? I currently have IL2-1946 loaded with the 408m and 409m patch. Also a few extra missions and campaigns loaded. All running well on Win7 Pro 64bit. On another subject I would love to get rid of the DVD in my drive do you know of a good reliable No CD/DVD patch? Hope this is not a touchy subject.
  2. OK sounds like I should have a look at it, can you give me a link to where I can find it please?
  3. Thanks Stingray all good stuff just what I wanted to know, yep I can get most of the files off my old PC. Hope this is not a dumb question but what is ........."and do the UP 2.0, which is a game switcher / teak deal".............. I assume it is something to do with playing on-line which I don't do. I have decided to go with IL2 1946 and have downloaded the 4.08m - 4.09m - skins.09m patches from M4T and I believe they are to be loaded in that order over IL2 1946 which is regarded as 4.07m. If that is not correct I hope someone will tell me here before tomorrow when I will load it all.
  4. I have the full series of the old IL2, Forgotten Battles, Op Barbarossa, Pacific fighters and so on loaded on my old Win XP PC which has finally died. I had many Campaignss, Missions, skins, etc. on that PC as well which I had downloaded over a number of years. I would like to load some of these if possible. My new PC runs Win7 Pro 64bit and I would like to know which is the best to load, the whole IL2 series or the new IL2 1946? Can I load my IL2 addon Campaignss, Missions, skins, etc I have downloaded into 1946?

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