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  1. Thanks for the answers Will try to fly lead, but it would be nice to be able to work my way up the ranks, ah well, i guess i will have to ignore that bit... Thanks for the link Check SIX lots of good info there! Oh yes my fault (memory not working correctly today) Mr Lucky, the rpm does indeed increase and then i can lower it and get same speed for lower rpm (lower flightcost), my bad Thanks for all the welcomes as well, will try to fly another mission tonight and fly lead this time. Btw i´ve read about how you all are striving to reach 17 flight hours with your pilots, what happens then? Are you relieved of duty? Can you choose to keep flying? /Lucas Briggs
  2. Hi, new here at the forum, long time flight sim player though :). After reading about OFF on simhq i finally decided to buy it and it arrived yesterday. Installation and setup went really smooth. Watched the entire intro movie, really good feeling :) Created my pilot and took a testflight, choose Britain in 1915 so i got to fly a Bristol scout, the one with the machine gun firing slightly to the left Took off and went about, fiddled with the fuel richness (really like it) tried stalling the plane (went ok) stopped the engine and tried finding the best glide speed (went quite ok). Restarted the engine (simulated airflow over propeller by cranking it). Finally i went back to the airfield and landed which went good as well (quite surprised, landings are usually my nemesis in simulators). So i fired up the campaign and as a Sgt i choose to fly by rank. Started, took off and tried following behind my wingman which went ok until we neared the front for the recon mission. All of a sudden my wingman and flightlead zoomed ahead and gained altitude at a pace which i couldnt match :( The recon above the frontline went on about 8k above the ground i tried desperately to gain the altitude and to catch up all the time. Not until my flightlead returned back to base and got back to 2k above the ground was i able to catch up and fly in formation. After the flight back i landed which went all kinds of wrong, i tried to watch my plane from outside while landning which uhm was a bad idead (plane planted in the ground) but my pilot didnt injure himself (nice touch there :) ) However my flightlead was injured while landning and my wingman is now missing in action?! I must say that i really liked the sim, the flightcontrols, the sound, (trackir working real nice), flying in formation with my flight. The briefing and everything really draws you in :D Note that i didnt meet or see any enemies at all (did get one shot from flak at me) which did even more for my immersion! Now to some questions which i would be very grateful if someone could try to answer 1. How do i keep up with my flight, i leaned the engine, didnt trim the plane since it was not reommended. 2. Does anyone have the stall speed, best climb speed (for climb rate), best climb speed over time, best speed for gliding (while engine off) for the different planes? 3. Shouldnt the leaning of the engine result in better RPM at almost all heights? Im in the middle of taking PPL (private pilots license) flying a cessna and when leaning it always results in lowered RPM which results in me upping the RPM to the previous setting which results in higher speed (i.e. lowered RPM same speed). Hope i dont come off as some cranky irritated new person to the forum :) I must say that i really loved the game and will look forward to many more sorties (really like the campaign). I was especially impressed with the ground graphics, trees and everything gave you a good sense of being there :D Lucas Briggs

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