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    Thanx. again..... Thanx again.... Thanx again...
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    Hello. Just like to introduce myself. Callsign: (BlackBandit). I've been a quiet fan of flight simulators since 'back in the day', noteably starting with Falcon for the old Atari ST. (Wow, what a game that was, even at 10 FPS). My interest dwindled as life took hold with kids and full time family and all the rest that comes with it (I'm happy). However, a friend introduced me to Lock On Modern Air combat. It starts all over again. I can't believe how impressive this sim is. 'Have I been away too long or what'. Anyway, LOMAC has re-lit the fire and i'm now on a "mission" to succeed where i never did with Falcon. Seems like a good Place here so i joined up........ Thanx for reading if u found the time. Gotta go, wife is on my six o'clock low!............

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