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  1. I flew a mission in 1991 with the F-15D and the A.I. Fulcrums this time were loaded with only 2 AA-10's. The AA-11 Archers and Atoll's should have been there too I think. They didn't even have the centerline fuel tanks. And for the sake of not starting another post about the MiG-29, I'll ask where I can find the wing tank files for this plane because the data file has assigned stations for them. Its called "MIG29WTANK" and its not in the SF2 Weapons Pack where I found the "MIG29CTANK" file. Regarding the MIG29CTANK, I checked it out in the weapons editor and discovered in the fuel tank data section there is no number value in fuel capacity. Yet its mass has a value of 500 kg. If I read the Russian cockpit fuel guage correctly I don't think any fuel is in the center tank. So what value in kilograms belongs in the capacity entry? All other fuel tanks I checked do have fuel capacity values.
  2. This loosely goes with my previous post (the AIM-7P topic, which has been resolved, thanks to EricJ). Anyways when I was flying the F-15 testing the Sparrows in a single mission, the enemy planes were Mirage Factory MiG-29A-Polish that were completely unarmed. Earlier today I had flown those MiG-29s and all the weapons appeared fine. Now they are in generated missions without a loadout when flown by the A.I. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I am using the SF2_Weapons_Pack and trying the AIM-7P with the MSIP F-15C/D aircraft. The AIM-7P shows up in the loadout screen but not in-game. The weapon can be fired but is invisible. The first year of the AIM-7P is 1992, my mission is set in 2004. Using the weapons editor I see it uses the AIM-7M model. The F-15D data file shows the 4 fuselage stations accept AHM and SAHM missiles. Attachment type is USAF and the AIM-7P is USAF. Please help! I just tried the 7P on the stock F-15A, it shows in the loadout screen but does not appear on any of the fuselage stations.
  4. Is the Sept 22 update a standalone install or am I to overwrite the existing F-18 files? The reason I ask is because the AGM-88 HARM is not included in the updated weapons folder. Also there are no engine sounds when using the F-18 external views EXCEPT afterburners. Otherwise this is a very fun plane to fly.

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