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  1. Hello Erwin, SURE! well, just check out what we have in FreeFalcon5. i think that stuff is all too lowpoly for you... but maybe you find something that you can use! HOPEFULLY!!
  2. many thanks for your replies, guys! i got directed to these 2 websites: & My link. are THESE all free models? I mean could it be possible to use some of these great models, if we ask kindly? thanks again for your support. cheers Stef
  3. Hello Guys, I'm Stef, from the FreeFalcon5 development & beta team. We are working on massive upgrades of the combat flightsim Falcon 4.0. My link lately we have upgraded our GFX engine and now we can also use a bit higher poly models and textures in the sim. our problem is that we have not really a 3D modeller in these days in the team and we are desperately looking for 3D models that we can use for free in our lovely freeware sim. sure the artists of the models will be listed in the games credits, what else! I have seen very good 3D models in your download section, so I'm asking you guys kindly if you could help us out a bit with some of your great models. we are especially looking for: MiG-21s MiG-23s MiG-29s SU-27s Su-30s F/A-18A F/A-18C F/A-18D F/A-18E F/A-18F E/A-18G but we are happy with what ever we can get at the moment. would be wonderful if some of you guys could suppport us with some of your great 3D models! all the best and kind regards Stef
  4. why my graphic so bad?

    FreeFalcon5... has a newer DX engine than AF/OF... www.freefalcon.com

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