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  1. Does anyone know were I can download some skins for the Hawk Thanks
  2. Does anybody know how the EE Lightning and Hawker Hunter are coming along Cheers
  3. How do you export aircraft from 3D Studio Max into SFP1?
  4. Is anybody going to do the Royal Navy Sea Vixen?
  5. Is there a way I can get my plane to steer on the ground in easy mode? Thanks
  6. Thanks for that, but whats Fraps?
  7. No, the nosewheel and rudder turns but the aircraft go straight on
  8. Could anyone tell me how I can get my nosewheel to work, I can only go in a straight line Thanks Brummy
  9. Does anybody know if you can record your mission cos a replay facility would be great
  10. Does anybody have a list of addon aircraft that will definately be added to the game cheers
  11. What aircraft have you got planned? cheers
  12. The Hawker Hunter would be a great plane to add or even the EE Lightning Have you tried http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/contents.html for cockpits etc
  13. Has anyone got any plans to add Royal Air Force aircraft to this ace game

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