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  1. Flying as AI Wingman

    Hello all. I have decided to try to be more comfortable in a multi-ship environment by flying in the #4 slot in training missions with the AI. This presents some challenges as the AI Leads only seem to communicate very little. Most challenging for me is that they do not communicate changes in airspeed, or give any kind of heads up as to changes in heading. On the issue of speed, they don't seem to by guided by following the assigned airspeed for the current waypoint, nor the TOT marker. It seems kind of randomly chosen, and they can fluctuate wildly. I can get a visual on my Lead, and stay in visual formation while the formation is flying straight and level, but as soon as a turn is initiated, either because of a waypoint transition, or enemy activity, things go all to hell at that point. Does anyone know what kind of turns the AIs typically do? If I knew that ok, when they turn its going to be a (XX) G turn then I'd be able to stay in position much easier. I really wish the AI would sing out a little more and say things like "Slowing to three zero zero knots" or let me know the turn will be 4 Gs etc. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. *one other small thing... are multi-ship takeoffs / landings possible with the AI? Thanks for your time!

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