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  1. Lost OFF Game Sound

    Av8er, Your lost game sound fix worked!!!!! I did what you suggested and got the game sound back. Configuring this game can be very squirrely sometimes. Thanks to everyone else that offered their suggestion. Salute!
  2. Lost OFF Game Sound

    unclear, I just treid what you suggested and unfortunately it did not bring back the game sound. One thing I did notice is that when I toggled either the original "Q" for sound or the added "G" key function, checking the Sound item on the hanger pull down menu does show the sound either on or off when toggling these keys. Just nothing happens. Thanks for your idea. I'll just hope that someone has had this problem with OFF and found a solution. If any of the OFF staff can pick up in my discussion in this forum (you may want to read my first message of this string), please let me know what other tricks I can try to get the game sound back.
  3. Lost OFF Game Sound

    Winston, I tried pressing the "Q" several times during reinstall and the game sounds do not reappear. What's strange is that the "Q" key does work in CFS3. It's as if something is missing or corrupted. I have reinstalled the basic OFF game off the disk and downloaded the patches, etc. from the OFF website so I'm sure that I get a clean reinstall each time I've tried. I'm at my wits end. I can't figure it out. Any other thougts? Thanks for your reply.
  4. Lost OFF Game Sound

    I must have been half asleep. I meant my email salutation to say "Hi OFF Pilots" and not "Hi ODD Pilots"
  5. Hi ODD pilots, I need help trying to figure out how I lost all OFF game sounds. I have performed the following checks plus reinstalls: 1. What does work: All music and transistional screens are O.K. for sound. 2. Checked the Hanger pull down menu during game play and the Sounds box is checked and I have played with the sound level bars with no success. 3. Checked the OFF workshop sound levels and they all have a number value even when using default levels. 4. I completely uninstalled both the CFS3 3.1 and OFF and reinstalled in correct sequence all patches and updates several times with no sucess. I even installed CFS3 3.1 and then the basic OFF disk alone with no patches or add ons with no sucess in getting back the game sound. 5. The game sounds have been working since I originaly purchased OFF and the HAT update so I know that the game does run properly on my PC in Windows 7. 6. I have run both OFF with different Windows compatabilities, e.g. 95, 98, XP, and as administrator, and the game sounds are still missing. 6. Oddly enough, there is no game sound problems when running the CFS3 game on my PC. It's just that no game sounds in OFF. Does anybody have any other sound fixes that I may have missed? I would hate to uninstall OFF forever given that I cannot enjoy the game without sound. Thanks for any responses.
  6. I reset the CFS3 in workshop and it solved the problem. Thanks Olham!
  7. All, I noticed that I lost the CS3 aircraft label function (Control+Shift+L) when I installed the Hat in the Ring upgrade. The tactical display toggle (Shift+T) and cycle tactical display range (control+shift+T) appear to be the only workable functions. Is this the result of the upgrade?
  8. Ah ha!! Your right. I used the first name as Jean-Luke. The hyphen caused the problem. Thanks. Salute.
  9. Hi guys, I noticed an interesting fluke in the duty room today where the "(Player)" notation is noted one line above for a AI named pilot rather than the name I created for the player. Any kills or claims I have accomplished are illustrated after the AI pilots name. The main squadron screen (that shows the clock) and pilot dossier for my player have the correct players name, recorded kills and claims. I am flying for Escadrille N.23 in April, 1916. Is this a particular problem with this squadron? I have not seen this problem with other British, French, American or German squadrons that I flown until now. I do have the Phase 3 V1.32g patch installed. Comments? Thanks.
  10. Hi bro, I'm enjoying flying a Hannover CIII and wondered what was the typical bombing technique used in WWI? I'm sure that they didn't dive bomb like a Stuka nor skip bomb. Did a WWI bomber simply fly at some set altitude at a constant speed and make an eyeball estimate as to when to release or was there a practiced method? For you bomber pilots, what type of method do you use in OFF for a realistic bombing run? Also, maybe it's just my imagination. I noticed a interesting realistic effects by an AI on the tail of a two seater I'm flying. Whenever I take the rear gunners seat and an AI has come close to my tail, on occasion a few hits appears to ward him off and sometimes the AI justs quits and turns tail. Other AIs appear to sometimes loop around for another try again at my tail or darn near chase me all the way back to my aerodrome! Another effect is when your able to hit a persuing AI enough that he will peel off with some damage that you thought didn't affect him, drop down from sight and after a period of time you get an OFF message that you destroyed the AI. Now that's fantastic realism! Whomever at OFF wrote the software put some reality in this flight simulator and it is constantly surprising. I'm having more fun flying two seaters bombing railheads and aerodromes these days as they seem to be more of a challenge in their fragile flight capabilities and vulnerability to persuing aircraft. Maybe OFF will include a Gotha or Handley Page 0/400 future updated file releases?
  11. Question for Polovski or any other OFF player that has an answer: How come the AI aircraft has a engine power advantage over the player aircraft? No matter how I set the player aircraft engine control features or on auto in the workshop that the AI aircraft is capable of steap dives without tearing off it's wings or stalling as the player aircraft. I understand that the OFF team did a wonderful development job in setting up the limitations of the player aircraft to mimic the actual WWI aircraft performance but all AI aircraft appears to have an engine power performace advantage no matter the aircraft type. Is there a switch set up in the workshop that at least puts the AI aircraft within similar performance faults and limitations as the player aircraft or is that the way the OFF sofware is set? I swear that the Fokker DVII performs like a P-51 Mustang sometimes when I'm persuing it in my SPAD XXIII!!!! Comments?

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