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  1. I have won the campaign many times. Maybe stupid comments like that arent needed. :roll: Maybe you should lick my f***ing crack you asswipe. Can't leave well enough alone can you... f***ing mary. :roll:
  2. Maybe the ability to win the campaign will be included in the "upcoming patch"? :roll:
  3. Excuse me. I stated I had been waiting since July of 2002. I was also keeping track of SPF1's progress since the very first screen shots were released. I was an avid EAW player, and the fact that some of the same people who did EAW were working on SF caught my attention from the get-go. I have been waiting just as long as everyone else. The fact that I may be new on these boards means nothing and you assume too much. I bought the walmart version, and to absolute dismay, it was a pre-alpha release. I have the first patch. Do you really think I have been into SF for this long and dont know about service pack 1? Again you all assume too much. Maybe my first post was not clear, but I did ask how long everyone had been waiting because I wanted to know the general consensus about how everyone felt about that. I wasn't here for the first 1000 posts concerning it, nor did I see them before I posted.. yet I get my head bitten off and the very mention of frustration with it. Children! I have been playing PC game since 1980 or so, when I had an original Tandy Color Computer. I do know updates take time. Someone has already sent me a private message with enough info on the patch to keep me happy for now. Such lovely nice people here. I may just go back where I came from. I dont like to have to deal with children posting rude responses. I dealt with that enough in my Jane's NATO fighter days, and then in CFS and CFS2. Thanks to 195th_Sith and Dagger, and whoever else felt it in their hearts to put up with my "terrible post", and try to ease the situation over. Oh and thanks to the children who posted wrongfully. I have seen you before on other boards, and you are no different here. Kids will be kids I guess.
  4. Yeah, I think I have been doing this long enough to know that, thanks. And I think I will have "my chill pill".. because if I dont, I'm liable to cuss you out for your ill-mannered response. So many rude people. You'd think, that if someone new asked a simple question, and felt the need to vent their frustration with a game, that people would be cool about it. But instead, I get a nasty response. I wasn't nasty. I didnt burn a bible in TKs name. I asked a question. People, if you dont want to answer someone's question in a professional and helpful manner, then don't poste any response at all.
  5. Such a warm welcome! I do appologize for the way my post sounded. I am more than willing to wait for a great patch. I just think the lack of any official word concerning the patch is a little messed up. Sorry, wasn't trying to rock the boat. I'll add such words as "patch", "service pack 2" and "rediculous" to my list of "Words you never post on Biohaz". Bad... BAD WORDS!!!! :D
  6. July of 2002 here. Walmart version. Getting close to one year. Still no official update on Patch 2. How many think this is getting to be rediculous?

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