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  1. Stability issue with OFF

    I do not think the PS is the problem, when it comes to wattage (if it's failing, that's another issue) - I'm running on Antec 450W PS, my CPU has 65W TDP and the Radeon X1650 Pro has a 45W power consumption under 3D full load. At 80% efficiency rate this gives a mere 140W power consumption and a lot of reserves for HD, DVD, MoBo, coolers etc. Currently I'm running at 1GB of RAM, which is low, I know - I've built my current rig 2,5 yrs ago and mainly using it for web-surfing and playing Steel Panthers: World at War and some Red Baron Hell's Angels. These games do not need that much CPU or RAM, thus I kinda forgot that my rig is getting old, tired and slow :D Anyway, I think I'll go ang get me a couple of GBs of RAM - that's cheap enough to run some tests. If I'm still getting stability issues, I think I'll just throw my current rig out of the window and build me a new one... -Baron-
  2. Stability issue with OFF

    The CPU temp is running around 41-42C (or around 106-108F) immediately after such sudden reboot, so I'd say that the CPU is ok. On the other hand, the graphics card is another issue and I'll have to check that next. Darn, maybe I just have to build me a new computer altogether - OFF seems to be worth it ;) -Baron-
  3. Hi all, The game itself is still running quite well on my lower end system (Athlon 3800+ (2.0 GHz), 1 GB 800MHz RAM, Radeon X1650 Pro 256MB - I'm getting 20-40 FPS), but an issue has come up; I'm having quite a lot of problems with game stability. I can fly quite easily and safely Quick Combat missions, but when it comes to flying a campaign (you know, longer flights, more scenery, more action), I'm quite often thrown back to briefing screen in the middle of the flight...sometimes my computer might even reboot suddenly. I'm not sure, if this is a problem with the game, or if I might have some faulty component in my computer case (I ran Memtest86, just to check out the RAM modules, no problems there - the graphics card is another that just MIGHT be a problem). I also shut down some software, that I normally allow to run on the background (Firewall + Antivirus). I'm not sure if I'm dreaming, but seems that the stability improved after this somewhat, but not enough. So, these clues has lead me to think, if this problem might be connected to too small amount of memory (1GB RAM + 256MB on the graphics card), combined with Win XP crappy memory handling? What do you guys think, all educated or uneducated guesses would be highly welcomed :) BR, Baron
  4. Ok, I just few days ago received OFF and today, I got it installed with fresh CFS3 install. The installation process was like a walk in the park - very simple, just swapping CDs/DVDs and waiting. Same thing with updates, no problems at all. After getting the game to run, I got some HomeField error issues (since I'm running finnish OS), but switching the regional settings took care of the problem. After that I was ready to - though I'm running a bit low-end computer setup (Athlon 3800+ (2.0GHz), Radeon X1650 Pro 256MB, 1GB 800MHz DDR2), I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to run the game with slider setting 352231 quite smoothly - only problem being occasionally the lack of RAM (you could tell this by noticing slight stutter occasionally, when some new scenery was loaded. I bet I'd need 2GB + some extra on the graphics card). Also, my OLD CH Products controllers (you know, the gameport version) were also simply calibrated and worked instantly! Then, as all was up and running, it was time to get flying. I took off (ok, I cheated and used air start) and had some instant combat flying with Fokker E.III, while my opponent had to settle with B.E 2c. Flight modeling seems to be very good, the game has excellent response to my CH controllers. Only thing is that the E.III at least seems to fly very smoothly; no wobbling around at all (I was expecting that the scouts would be all over the place, as these kites are supposed to be light and designed with no idea about aerodynamics). Since I can stay in the air, I thought I can have a bit fighting too. I searched the B.E 2c and closed in, firing short bursts - I had a bit difficult at first to find the correct aiming spot, once found, it was easy to place the bullets where I wanted them. Suddenly I noticed that the B.E 2c was slowing down and I might collide, I gently moved my Fokker to his 5 o'clock (or 4:30 :) ). I hit almost full left rudder, banked slightly to right and WHOA!! There was B.E 2c right in my sights and I was able to fire nice, long burst into his engine. That was it, the B.E 2c was in flames! Well, this is nothing to brag about, since this was just instant action with rookie pilot at the controls of the B.E 2c - but, on the other hand, I'm too a rookie in the world of OFF :P After this brief testing, I must say that this game seems to be something that I've been waiting for a long time - a realistic flight simulator, with PROPER campaign and with strong feel of really 'being there'. To this day, I've had to rely on Red Baron Hell's Angels when it comes to WW1 sim (Even the WW2 is also not properly covered yet in my opinion). So, even with this little experience of OFF under my belt, I want to warmly thank you guys, who have made OFF Phase 3!!! Baron von Blitz PS. Austro-Hungarian & Italian front would be highly welcomed ;)

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