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  1. FM quality

    Yep, UK beers are fine, Guinness is my favorite to be honest. My friend also made his own brew, which wasn't much more than throwing some hops into a bucket of water and adding some yeast (or sum'n close to that, I wasn't there). "Real" brewing is a more complex process I understand ... actually, I don't, but what the heck, lets just pop one! Cheers! Back to topic I found out that TrackIR is a nobrainer, just start it and it works! :) Still need to work on the low frames, but for that I'll search the forum, no worries! ;)
  2. FM quality

    Hehe, the Kaizer, ey?! I iz here, though with one too many already! Been sitting on the garage in my furry seat with a horn full of finest brew, staring into the full moon. Anyway. It's wifey's evening tonite and missy is to be thoroughly pleased ... but I may get OFF re-installed and TrackIR going alongside (pah, and they say men can't handle multi-tasking! ;) . Aces High ... saw the movie long ago ... pretty good! But same goes for the ol' Maiden song: "... There goes the siren that warns of the air raid ... got to get up for the coming attack ... gathering speed as we head down the runway ... run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die!" Alrightey folks, put a few bullets where it hurts! rob aka Wolpertinger
  3. FM quality

    Hey hey, this is a nice and friendly place! Thanks chaps, for all the answers! I'll try all those areal recommendations. Gotta work on the house today (it's national holiday over here) but tonight I gonna give it another go (installing TrackIR first, though). @Bullethead: Homemade beer ... RESPECT! I'd love to give it a try, but it's been a while since my last visit to the US ('94). Just two weeks ago I set up my first 15 gallons of wine and that should be fermenting nicely now. I'm more the beer kinda guy, though! I always wanted to become a pilot but that was not to be. The closest I get to flying myself is with my motocross machine and that is not overly high or far. Anyway. @Olham: Yep, I did check, and recheck, and yet recheck the Workshop settings. I'll check out your graphics tuning link, as I do get quite low frames at times. Thanks! The town I'm staying is called Meckenbeuren (close to Friedrichshafen, home to the Zeppelin). @Gremlin_WoH: You're right, a Wolpertinger is a bavarian legendary beast. Being a Bavarian and also consistently called a crazy and definitely off-the-norm guy it kinda describes me pretty well. @uncleal: I have seen this flic before, impressive stuff. The stuff he's saying is nothing special, just some audio background to accompany his great juggling. Ok folks, thanks again! Later! rob aka Wolpertinger
  4. FM quality

    Hi uncleal, that is a great little movie (the guy removing the stops is quite a hero! ;). Thanks! Well, I did a search on flight model in the forum some weeks ago but didn't find anything. I'll check out the noob and beginner sections if I need technical help, of course. rob aka Wolpertinger
  5. FM quality

    Hey Bullethead, thanks for the quick response! Real beer will be served should you ever fly by south Germany, location Lake of Constance! :) Well, for one part I did already think about the possibility of WW1 aircraft being more forgiving ... but the slow landing speeds and therefore necessarily more stable flying you mentioned was kind of an "aha" thought, thanks! I'm no real pilot and so can only go by how "real" does it feel. In that respect I find IL2 or when talking about jets, the Flanker series, far more natural. Is that a valid judgement, or how do you compare it to IL2 (maybe apple vs pears, but just think feel of flight)? It can still be a good sim, no question, I spent my best sim hours in EF2k and when I went back to it after Falcon4 and Lomac I also thought that it had an arcadeish flight model. Still it was tons of fun back then. I haven't seen specific buttons for stalls and spins, but everything I saw concerning flight (wind, aircraft stress, etc.) I put on realistic/hard. :) Oh, and so far I've only been flying the DIII Albatros (I had to fire OFF up and look ;). I'm still only into my first minutes in this sim due to time constraints, but winter is coming up and that may have sonny boy and me get some "fresh air"! :) Also still have to set up the TrackIR and hotas ... rob aka Wolpertinger
  6. Hello everybody! I'm new to OFF and recently bought it due to the great reviews that I've read, so my son and me can do a little LAN-flying together. I'm a long time flightsim fan (since C64 days back in the nineties) but since I'm a Dad I just can't find much time for it anymore. I've been flying a little IL2 with my son lately and it seems to me that low tech planes are the way to go (no hundreds of systems to learn ;). So, on to my question. I installed CFS3 first and then OFF into the same directory. Some fooling around with system settings and off I went. So far so good. Now I have the flight model setting to realistic but I'm a bit astonished in how it handles. It still feels pretty simple to me, I can pull back like there's no tomorrow but I don't get into any trouble. Doing that in IL2 would send me into a spin immediately. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, just want to know if that is how it is. Maybe I've not found the right button or shouldn't have installed CFS3 first (just let it ask for the dvd) or there is some ini-file to mess with? Thanks in advance for any comments! rob aka Wolpertinger

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