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  1. {OCS} Out-Cast Snipers

    Introducing {OCS} Out-Cast Snipers Clan We are happy you made it here! We're ACTIVELY recruiting so please check out our Website soon!! http://www.outcastsnipers.com We are a clan dedicated to sniping, and REALISTIC game play..REAL TRUE sniping as much as you can get it to be in the Charlie Oscar Delta Series and the Unreal Engine! We have several servers both hosted publicly, and some hosted at {OCS}MasterSeal's Home Server, available upon request. Here is a list of all the games we play: + Battlefield 1942 (Stock) + Battlefield Vietnam (Stock, and Custom Combat) - Battlefield 2 (Stock Ranked) - Battlefield 2142 (Stock Ranked) + Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (Stock, OCS Sniper, OCS FreezeTag, PaintBall 2.0, Zombies 1.52 ) + Call of Duty World at War (Stock, Custom OCS MOD, OCS Sniper) - Unreal Tournament 2004 (Custom {OCS} SNIPER) - Enemy Territory 'Quake Wars' (Stock) + = Current Servers Available - = Games played and possible Future Servers Available These are just a few games that some or all of our members play regularly. We hope to see you on all of our servers enjoying yourselves! {OCS}MasterSeal Owner, Founder, Scriptor, Web-Author, Lead Admin Out-Cast Snipers Multi-Game Sniper Clan http://www.outcastsnipers.com

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