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  1. Help!

    Damn right, sorry bout that... im talking bout "lock on" , the first one... dont know what´s the correct forum , im kindda new at this. thanks.
  2. hey guys, can anybody help me understand what´s the matter with the last mission at F 15´s campaign, you know , the one wich you have to escort the tornados to sink the carrier and the cruiser, for some reason the cruiser never appears and i cannot move on, so i always get "partial success". Thanks a lot.
  3. lock on patch 102

    hey hey u were right , actually there was a difference between "fire" and "launch" buttons , thanks for the help.
  4. lock on patch 102

    i thought it was somthing like that , or maybe something like a master switch to activate... i tried all the buttons stuff, for example, when in aim 9 mode it gaves me tone and everything ,but when pressing the stick button or the space bar it keeps firing guns... thank u guys
  5. lock on patch 102

    yeah i think i did with optios 1 and 2, damn i dont wanna install again .... anyhow, i guess i´ll have too. thanks duude
  6. hey guys: i´ve just intalled the 102 patch foir lock on and i can´t fire missiles anymore , can anybody tell me how to do it... maybe it´s not a big deal but nothing works... thanks.

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