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  1. I appreciate all your effort in dealing with my situation, I have seen some members been succesful on Vista 64 bit system and I thought I will give it a try, so one of this day I might order the P3 disk and give it another try, in the meantime I wait a while until some of the bugs are worked out...again thanks a million for your efforts. Gene
  2. I did as you suggested, deleting all signs of (OFF), turned my security program off (Windows Live), I have a CD disk with OFF in it, runned the first program, then when the OFF Installer started to run it stopped at the 1% mark with a dialog box and the following error : Run time error -2147319779 (8002801d) / Automation error / Library not registered. Gene
  3. Yes to the installations of CFS3/3.1/and running the CFS3 first, also it is an all english install, I should add it did not create an icon on the destop either . Gene
  4. I loaded the program as per instructions, just changed the drive from C: to G: I got the following errors: run time error -2147319779 (8002801d) automation error library not registered Error setting up system path ...CFS3 path.:.... run-time error 429 active x components cannot create objects the version I have is Phase 2 V1.9e after all the installation programs were run, I cannot find cfs3config.exe in any of the directories. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Gene

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