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  1. I need a way to use the warp command, as the plane isn't even able to go fast enough for what CFS3 thinks is to warp. I just don't have the time for flying 30 knots for a quick dogfight which will probably render me dead in a few seconds anyway. I really would like to play this, although I can't waste an estimated 70 minutes for a few of actual fighting (why else would I get a COMBAT flight sim, emphasis on combat). If anyone has any solutions, thanks.
  2. SU-39 Flyable Mod

    This doesn't work, I installed it with Modman, and nothing changed. the SU-39 wasn't flyable, and I even checked the SU-25 just in case. still an SU-25...
  3. No way to end a mission

    I got a patch... Now It just crashes during the loading menus...
  4. Whenever I try to quit a mission, the window just closes, is this supposed to happen (since "escape" should end the mission, not close the game)? I really would like to be able to play the campaign and not have to open the game again for a new flight, so how can I fix this (I got Vista 64 bit with 4 gigs of ram, so I think that could be adding to the problem)? I have tried compatibility mode, and running as an admin (regardless of the fact that the account I am using is an admin).
  5. CFS2 mission builder

    Thanks letting me know it exists, but of course I got some issues in finding that folder (vista...), I guess I'll have to look through the install directory.
  6. I recently discovered there was a mission builder released for CFS2, yet I can't seem to find where I download it (since it isn't already in my install directory...). I was able to find the CFS3 mission builder easily, but the one for CFS2 just doesn't seem to exist anymore... Does anyone know where I can find it?

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