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  1. ~S~ All! Just to inform the WOV community that I am begining to form the VIRTUAL VMF ( All Weather) MARINE FIGHTER SQAUDRON 235 for WOV. I have just started the web site http://www.geocities.com/VMFA_235 if u are interested in helping me form or join the VIRTUAL (AW) Marine Fighter Squadron 235. U can contact me at REDHAWK_1@hotmail.com Thanks Redhawk
  2. I was just wondering if WOV will someday grow like IL2 with different Squadrons being form and have on line Campaions. I would like to see this happen to this Flight Sims. I have been flying on line since 2000 with my first experince in MS CFS and through IL2. I have been in Warbirds 3, Aces High and Fighter Ace 3.5. I would really like to see WOV take off and grow like these others did. Let me know what ur thoughts are on this subject. I have already started a web site for the Virtual VMF 235 Squadron http://www.geocities.com/VMFA_235 Thanks Redhawk
  3. ~S~ All!! Hate to bother u guys again. Just d/l the F-8D plane and the F-8D 235 skin. I got the skin in ok and works fine. Now when I fly I have no radar screen. What to do. Thxs for ur help!! REDHAWK
  4. ~S~ Buff and USAFMTL I got it in the folder and they are running in the game fine. Thxs for ur help!! Just have to get use to the way these skins and add on work. Again Thxs for ur help :) REDHAWK
  5. Buff no I didn't. AD and gang is that AD stand for Armourdave F-105D-25 and F-105D-30 thats on com5 site. Also are these planes add-ons. Also once D/L do I make a new folder for both of them in the WOV aircraft folder. Thxs guys for ur help. REDHAWK
  6. ~S~ All! I am new to SFP1 and WOV. I just dl CHERRY GIRL SKIN AND UNZIPED IT INTO THE WOV F-105D folder. When I went into the WOV aircraft folder I only found the F-105D folder and no F-105D-30 folder. what do I do now. When I lunch the game and choose the Cherry Girl skin and hit fly all I get is a void skin with no markings. Can u tell me Plz what I am doing wrong or not doing right!!!! LOL. Thanks! REDHAWK

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