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  1. Mig-21 Complete Pack 1.3 for SF1 line

    Hi, my name is Xavier and I'm from Barcelona, Spain, in front of the mediterranean, in the sunny south-west of Europe. I´m 46 old and my job is illustrator for magazines and comic-books. And my passion is the aircraft military history, and the plane simulators, of course. Please, sorry for my bad english. In the first place: my regards for this fantastic site, is the best I know in the sims' speciality. I'm new in this space and I tryng to decide my ingress in your community like a establish member. In my first day, yesterday, I download 5 files (from Wing Over Vietnam sim), but I'm tryng to do the same today and I can't. Is this the limit for a no member? have another way to download some files? or the only manner is making a donation?. I'm so interesting in all your themes and I do some files to, like skins, maybe I can to do some feedback and post it in this site for all the members utility. I will be happy is this can be possible. Thanks for all, and good job, Aces.

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