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  1. hey ho Gimpy.. or Uncle Al if you prefer.. glad to 'see' you again. I've had trackir since version 1.. but am running 4pro . Its just that with bifocals etc I cant pick the planes up anyway..Shift+Control+I does the magic bit.. and helps lock on! thank you Gous.. but I cant find that detail in gimpy's tips.. anyway.. getting back into it.. never could get on with padlocking and target pointy things.. but the little yellow rings helps me to see it then I fly around a bit and shoot them! Simples as they say..
  2. Hi guys ..er what happened? I've been away playing other things.. and it's all different.. Is gimpy still around? Anyway I've completed the complete reinstall with updates and now can't I find the most important feature for my enjoyment. I cant find the yellow ring that used to appear round the target and enabled me to find see and track the enemy plane during the hurly burly of combat. Have the flight sim immersion(?) purity police removed it? I think I've tried all the variants of shift control L and / , and I'm stymied.. Any help would be helpful except injunctions to improve my eyesight! If this facility no longer exists then maybe I will have to go to 15000ft (oxygen?) or go back to playing Halo again.

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