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  1. Falcon 4 mod

    Hi everyone, I'm back after experimenting again last night with patching Falcon 4. I have managed to update it using SP4, then installed BMS v2 on top of that (following some hints and tips from another website). It hang up as soon as I selected missions (e.g. training) it goes through the splash screen but freezes before it's about to open the cockpit screen. Is this a DX or graphics issue or have I missed some important step? I have done the F4108US update, restarted, defragged, installed SP4 and that seemd to fire up OK, but bugs out occasionally. Then I uninstalled everything, deleted the Microprose directory, reinstalled in this order: F4CD--> F4108US -->F4SP4-->OpenFalcon 4.3 : the second time I did this it took almost 30 minutes to update the files, then I started FalconSP. As soon as it got past the missions menu and into the cockpit it stopped with the usual microsoft application error dialogue. What am I missing in the sequence of dancing here? Please help. Many thanks! My system: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 2.2 Ghz RAM 2GB Elixir DDR 400 ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 512MB DD3 500GB Seagate HDD sATA OS: Windows XP SP3 Zonealarm Firewall AVG Antivirus
  2. Falcon 4 mod

    Hi everyone! Being one of the earlier Falcon fans (as far back as the Falcon on the Atari ST), I would like to update and catch up with the F4 scene. I lost touch with this fab sim since 2001/2002 and I think I went as far as patching with the Super Pak (original release). Then I lost all my files! Starting with my old F4 (original) once again, I am at a loss as to the amount of stuff that seems to be there, and yet more often than not their respective links are either down or have since been closed / withdrawn?! What can I get, where can I get it from, and how (in which order) please? Your assistance would be appreciated. Also I would like to venture and ask would it be practical to try ALL the current flavours? I gather that there are some 2 or 3 mutually incomaptable upgrade paths? Like FF and OF? I have enough disk space so would it be possible to install every version for comparison? If I get Allied Force, then I heared that it can be updated with RV? Which also upgrades the old vanilla F4? I'd appreciate confirmation of this. Finally, is there a kind of online respository where ALL the upgrades and patches can be found? I can't find my old upgrades and patches so I really do not know what to do and how to proceed as it seems I have to trawl through a ton of confusing links and dance many times etc etc. I don't mind the dancing routine, as long as I get a working product at the end. I just tried 'upgrading' my old F4 with OF 4.3 last night, it got through the menu and mission selection, then it froze when loading the mission. Cheers, and happy flying! SparrowHawk

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