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  1. I've got WOE loaded, patched, and all 4 NATO Fighters add ons loaded. When I load the WeaponsPack 2.52, some of the aircraft are not allowed to load any weapons... prime example is the F-102 Delta Dart. There are no AIM-4 Falcons or fuel tanks to load, even thought they still exist in the weapons folder. Does anyone have any insite into this and a way to fix it?
  2. I have WOE w/ the Oct 2008 patch, Nato Fighters I, II, II and IV from Column 5; the MISP F-15C/D from USAFMTL, and the F-16C Blk 50/52 from USAFMTL. I also have the Weapons Pack 2.52 by the WO*/SFP1 Community installed. The Aim-9X is in this weapon pack, but does not show up on the F-15C or the F-16C because the dates in the single mission mode only go up to 1997 for these two aircraft.
  3. I'm looking to be able to add weapons capabilities tosome aircraft... mainly adding the AIM-9X to tthe F-15C and F-16C Blk 50/52 aircraft. Does anyone know how to do this?

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