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  1. Installed the patch, I didnt'will open the play. Thanks all the same anyway
  2. No, I usually never update, though now I feel and then you say
  3. 1- when choosing an air add-on, loading, gets to 90% and the game comes out and stops everything. Why? before formatting this summer, the game was going perfectly, now I can't see the numbers of the waypoint, the key assignments are not those 2- imposed a button on the joystick and it is another. Maybe I can not explain (example): Set the key 3 of the joystick with the command "shoot the main gun," and in flight that command is the key 10, and a joystick. Why? WOE I'm not on problem
  4. Buone feste a tutti!

    Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo a tutti
  5. I knew how to do it, just that I failed. There isn't easy. In the game, the U.S. tanker is the KC-10A and S-3, the Russian, is the Ilushyn 78
  6. Salve

    Salve a tutti, mi sono iscritto un mese fa, sono italiano, sono Hornetter, sono appassionato di aviazione militare e tuning. Ciao
  7. Modellismo statico: come dipingere?

    Guarda, per dipingere un modellino si usa l'aerografo, mascheri con del nastro adesivo la parte che non devi pitturare, spruzzi e il gioco è fatto. Se devi usare il nero fai attenzione, perchè rischi di farlo venire troppo "giocattolo", un esempio è l'F-117, certo, non sembra, ma è uno degli aerei più difficili da dipingere
  8. Button 7, then do you change weapon, to the FAB-250
  9. I did it, thanks you very much :)
  10. Thank you, but where to find the payload?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new I wanted to know how to change LOMAC on skin I hope that they did not trouble immediately hello PS: I'm Italian, excuse me for my bad english

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