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  1. I sent him the one I got from Grumpybear. Mine is gone now. Please pass it on Swan
  2. I have a copy here to send out to someone in the US. Send me a PM.
  3. Grumpybear I dont have phase 2 and would like to get a copy. Ill send you a pm and go from there.
  4. Thanks for the replies I have no doubt my system will run it. I also have no doubt its a great game. Unfortunately I just ordered a Trackir which seemed almost essential to me since I am abit challenged by trying to running the hat view while flying at this point. It just made sense that it would make the games more enjoyable ( I hate to lose too lol) I dont have CFS now so I also have to get that ( 3 kids a wife etc.. you know) money is tight for a while and was hoping that I could just download OFF and I would be good for a month till I could swing BHaH. The videos I have seen look great and the sound seems very realistic.
  5. Hi all Looks like a great forum you have here. I dont have any of the OFF addons. Looks like there are 3 total and the latest is $30?? Id like to find the first 2 for starters but cannot find any downloads of them?? Can you point me to a site or?? Thanks guys

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