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  1. I didn't know about that. I'm going to follow your advice. Thanks a lot ! In which section shall I go to subscribe ?
  2. Did I post at the right place ?
  3. Hi, everybody. I used to play WoV for quite a long time and decided to try the others thirdwire sims. While going through ( I don't really know if "goinf through" is the right term, please forgive my froggie's english) CA I realized that it was possible to take part to almost major or minor conflicts of the jet era. So I decided to begin by the beginning, that is the Korean war. And after, going on with Suez crisis, Six-days war, Vietnam modded campaigns seen here and so on... But I encounter several difficulties with the Korean air war mod : -First of all the SF version: the read-me says to patch my stock version of SF to version 3.2, but it's the only file that send me to a "page not found" while I could download without any problem all the previous patches or service packs ! So I tried to install KAWM on SF with october 2008 patch. It seems to run pretty well, I tested a few planes in quick missions. But I can't launch any campaigns. Certainly because I don't have the "terrain" archive or folder in the main KAWM archive. I have looked into all sub-archives, folders and sub-folders, I can't find any Korea Terrain. So I tried to download her at CA the Korean war mod update of october 2006 but I am told that "You have exceeded the maximum amount of downloads allotted to you by the administrator for the day.", while I did not download anything today nor even yesterday, so I can't even try a new download of the Korean air war mod first release. I don't know what to do. I'm about to create a new mail account for a new registration on CA but maybe someone here has got an idea to help me ? Another question relating to the read-me: it is told to install the latest weapon pack. Can I use the Mirage Factory weapon pack of january 2009 or must I use the Bunyap weapons pack of july 2006 ? Thank you by advance

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