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  1. Thank you very much Wrench... allways is a pleasure to learn from your explanations... keep cool!... xD
  2. No mans! the limited nations dont fix nothing.... x( i think is not avaible that option on vietnam, europe and israel.... only for SF2 i guess...
  3. Thanks all for the help! i know all that you told, but i want to select different planes on my "unit" for a same mission... xD
  4. Hi Modders! Could anyone tell me where can i download a nice "Moon.TGA" file? thanks all answers! xD
  5. Have you seen if the "sample frequency" of the sound you have... is compatible with the game frequency? Good Luck!
  6. Hi! is possible to make a Merc Unit for Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam? The idea is to fly planes like skyriders for bombing troops with napalm... planes like Corsair/Phamtom for air combat... and Skyhawks for strike... and mix them on the mission... while skyhawks/riders are bombing... the corsairs/phantoms protect them.... you know what i mean.... xD Thanks to all answers! xD
  7. I take my hat out Wrench... what an explanation... thank you very very much for your time and your help... receive my greetings. xD
  8. Hi! Anyone knows is there a Malvinas Campaign for SF2? thanks to all...
  9. Hi everyone! Do you know how to remove mirrors from cockpit? xD... help me please!
  10. Hi everybody! If you press F1 you have the front view... If You press F2 you have the wide view... but... Anyone knows how to edit front view in order to show a "between F1-F2" view? thanks for all! xD
  11. Ooooooooh!...ok, thanks for answering...
  12. The problem was that i was using the wrong flightengine.ini file... hehehe... ¬¬`

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