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  1. I tried adding one group, with two flights in. Same callsign and everything so theoretically this is what I am going after. Anyhow, even though they are both flyable aircraft and set to client there is on the multiplayer screen only one chooseable aircraft. How come? I am totally lost. I understand now how you mean, but I must be doing something wrong. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info regarding the carrier, but when it comes to being wingmen, will we really be wingmen if we arent in the same flight? Considering radio-commands and callsigns. Thanks for replying so fast.
  3. Hello, First of, I am very new to this whole game and also the editor, and I have been searching (using google and everything I could think of) for an answer myself, but I can just not seem to get my head wrapped around how to do this, so therefor I am looking for help here. I have two (very) beginner-like (atleast I assume they are) questions regarding the mission editor in Lock on; Flaming cliffs. Now, what I want to do is simply have a group of 2 planes (being wingmen) for me and my friend to fly over LAN/INTERNET. So first of, how do I make that happend? All the ways I have tried only one of the planes end up being chooseable in the LAN-lobby, because I can only set one of the two pilots to "client" which I assume is the status it should have in able to work as I want it to. Now, as for the other problem I simply want to know how to add an AircraftCarrier and be able to take-off and land on it. I think I have been able to add it to the map, but the selected aircraft keeps snapping to the closest airport back on main-land. Thank you guys alot in advance.

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