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  1. it works i had to set the AGP to 4X instead of 8x !
  2. well since i stumped ya all know i can tell you the good news! Its working - how well im not sure of but i got into instant action and flew for about 5 min fine. what was the problem - heat CPU too hot. CPU was running at 50 to 58 C degrees low to max load when game started it would put such a load on the CPU it would over heat and lock up. i was noticing a few lock up after playing ACES HIGH so i started to monitor my CPU temps and noticed it was getting up to around 60 Cdegreees this is when the problem occured. So i went out and got a new FAn the runs @7000 RPM for my heat sink and CPU (granted its load) but it dropped the temp to 36C (no load) to 48C max load , now i need to get some better air flow thru the case! thanks for all the attemps to help guys <S> spoke too soon went home on lunch and tryed playing a bit and after about 4/5 min it would lock up ! well its not getting too hot i recorded the temp till the lock up never got over 47C degrees. now it might be the sound acceration stuff so i got to play with it, + i left Sandra soft Burn in running when i left to see if that well tell me anything.
  3. Beer you know im beguining to think it is a SOUND card issue. I hate the onboard sound and have problems with it in other games not to mention with my TV tuner card, So i think im gonna go out and pick up a new sound card like an Audigy 2 Do you play AH - Aces High as well? I have played several other gmaes and never had this kinda problem like Vietcong, Tony Hawk2,3,4, Aces High, IL2 demo.......
  4. dagger ill try that. Beer with my MOBO and the newest bios its automatically set to 8x w/o the option to go 4x. Im thinking about flashing itr back to an older Bios but havent yet.
  5. ok tried everything from reducing sound acceratation to Zero then bumped it up slowly, Removed it and reistalled it(with out patch), changed compatability properties to all options, Every thing is the same! INSTANT ACTION - lock up after i here bitching betty say CAMPAIN - CTD crash to desktop SINGLE MISSION - lock up after i here bitching betty I even tried Emailing stratagy first and the dumb A$$ who emailed me back told me to download the 3.4 DETENATOR drivers ( ya i used to own a GEFORCE CARD SO I KNOW) but i knew what he ment even thought in my initial email i stated that i had the 3.4 Catalyst drivers(same as i posted up top) still at aloss got now clue.......................I hear its a cool ass SIM but still cant play it in any MODE.......................
  6. Well ive tryed every thing you guys suggested but no luck!
  7. Freezes in "instant action" CTD in campain
  8. ADMIN - well uninstalled it all reloaded game only same thing ( no i didnt change any settings at all) once it was reloaded i just clicked on instant action and Whan freeze and had to Hard reboot!
  9. Well i bought my copy from EB - Electronics Butique looked like a new game CD was sealed. is there anything i can do to tell if its a crappy copy? Admin. ok ill do that shortly im at work till 6pm est i get home at 6:30 est so ill post back around 7 pm est tell ya the situation. So you want me to unibnstall every thing them just install the game (no patch) and try to play?
  10. Hi i just bought this game yesterday and loaded every thing up. Went and got service pack 1 /patch 1 set up my stick and video prefs goto play an "instant action" game loads to plane flying in air jet engines roaring then WHAM hard system lock up! have to hard reboot! I have tryed this severl time going both into campain or instant action routes same thing. heres my system specs OS WIN XP PRO AMD 2200 XP ASUS A7V8X deluxe (latest 4 in 1 mobo drivers) WD 15 gig HD 512 Corsair DDR 3200 (2.5 cl) i know but it cant be that cause. Sound blaster live 5.1 gamer Ati 9700 pro running ****Catalyst 3.4 **** last thing is a Leadtek 2000XP deluxe TV tuner card Im completly stumped any ideas guys?

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