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  1. Latest Skin: Swedish F105D - F7 Wing, Division 1, Skaraborgs Flygflottilj, based at Såtenäs. It is green/brown camo, go to: www.skandyskins.0catch.com Sweden page to view and download. Svein
  2. Latest skin: Danish F-105D, Esk 722. I'm still waiting for any historical aircraft operated by a Skandanavian Air Force to be released. I suppose all the aircraft modders are waiting on the second patch before releasing any new aircraft. BTW, my screenshots are terrible, the aircraft looks 1000% better in game! Edit: Seems I can't link screenshots from my site, you'll just have to go there and see!
  3. My latest skin is up, Norwegian F105. Soon to follow examples from Denmark, Sweden and Finland. It's a pity there are no more "historical" Nordic aircraft in SFP, but I know they are on the way. Svein www.skandyskins.0catch.com
  4. I'm glad you guys like my site. Dueces, I use Navigator 7.02, and when I visit my site, I get at most only a single pop-up. Thanks for the offer of space, guys, but I like to have my own web page. I won't be doing hundreds of skins, only the odd release, one in the next day or two, BTW, so I wouldn't expect a rush on the site, as it's fairly specialised. So when I do release, by patient if you can't get on straight away. By all means share the files if you wish. What's the TC Campaign? Is it the Cuban Campaign? What could I do to help? Svein

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