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  1. Hi! I know that this is not the right forum for my problem but there seems to be no other way. Our Modification "Operation Vietnam/ Operation NAM" for Operation Flashpoint needs more good modelers, textureres etc. So if you're interested in helping and supporting us then please send me an email: hawkmast3r@yahoo.de It would be really cool if someone would like to work with us together. Best regards, Charon www.operation-nam.de
  2. Vietnam-Mod needs support!!

    Hi @ all! Our mod "Operation: NAM" needs your help. If you are good in modeling, texturing or scripting then please send me an email: hawkmast3r@yahoo.de Our mission: Bring more vietnamwar-realism into OFP. Please support and help us, best regards, Charon www.operation-nam.de

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