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  1. Is there somebody can tell me how to play Red Falcon Korean campaign (by MK2 01/07/2006) with the Korean War Mod update by Edward (10/14/2006) ? The problem is Korean terrain. The red campaign only work with the old Major Lee's Korean terrain. And the Major Lee aerodrome site is close. Before my PC crash, i play it with WOV without any problem. Anybody have the Major Lee's Korean file for the terrain ? Regards Lancelot
  2. Hi gentlemen, i search desperately Korean terrain file, not the update, the one of Major Lee aerodrome. But the site is close. Can you help me ?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Yes it's true, i check for a desert fly and that's work ! My specific problem (sorry for my english): for a Korea fly i have the scene (green-jungle terrain) but my plane and the wingman's one are in center of a field without any airport installation. More: i can't see by my windshield the white triangle for the next waypoint. I go in my Terrain/desert folder and what i found is 3 files named: 1- desert, 2- desert_dogfight and a big one (46 953k) 3- Desert (security catalogue). Where is the desert.cat ? From a newbie Best Regards Lancelot
  4. How i can install this (Korean terrain) when i have not desert.cat file in the desert folder into terrain of SFP1 ? I want to make Korean war ! Best regards Lancelot

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