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  1. Well I am just curious of anyone else who is going to the Air Races here im my home town of Reno. My buddies who I work with at the Airport are on the Rare Bear team and are hoping to win the speed record crown back they set in 1996. The Races start the week of Sept 8 till the 14th. So if anyone is going jot me a line and I will probably see you there. Here is a video footage from a video shot in April this year of the Rare Bear. My buddy Scott is the one ground crew guy with the Headset. Check it out. Its about 24mb file or so. Right click and save as... http://www.aafo.com/vid/rare_bear_flight/r...ebearflight.mpg
  2. Just looking for some reviews and feedback when people start playing this game. I need something else besides my IL2 fb fix to hold me over till LOMAC comes out. Hopefully this one will not be a complete disappointment. Well thats it. Apreciate the read. Late.

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