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  1. hello and good evening. i am sorry to pester you with another help request but i could not find anything solving my predicament on the net. i have recently installed strike fighters 2 north atlantic complementing my merged install of sf2 israel , sf2 europe and sf2 vietnam and strike fighters 2 (all are patched up to march 2012 standard) but i cannot get expansion pack 1 or 2 to install as the setup gives the out of date message
  2. hello. i have recently run into a problem with strike fighters 2. when i run the program it gets up the "initializing..please wait" splashscreen and then exits to desktop with no warnings or information. i have strike fighters 2 europe, israel and vietnam with expansion pack 2 with the install updated all the way to the latest 2012 patch. my laptop is an asus G74sx with win 7 ultimate x64 bit and a NVIDIA 560M GTX card

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