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  1. September caiendars

    I am having problems with making September calendars to make the fit the screen size for my computer all I get is a thumbnail any help would be appreciated :?:
  2. Describe your job.

    Nuclear weapons specialist ( bomb loader ) retired living in Mexico and loving it!!! mdcable :D
  3. Want to thank all you smart people for all the help that you gave me on this subject 1 repy and it did not work :( mdcable
  4. Checked all lines in each of the ini all are correct cockpits have been added(A-4B) still no aircraft what am I missing Thanks mdcable
  5. What do I need to do to make the B-29 flyable. I have added the cockpit and changed the ini files to it and other AI aircraft but none work if anyone knows what I missed or are doing wrong please let me know.Thanks mdcable

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