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  1. saitek x52 Noob

    Well i think its over 200 when you use the 3 main modes and the pinky switch modifer on those 3 modes again! im gettin somewhere with it now just started to build my own profile for lomac,got a nice setup for the a-10 that im happy with, just all my other sims to go through....... ;)
  2. saitek x52 Noob

    hi everyone, i need some help please. ive recently upgraded my stick from a st290pro to a x52standard, now after much searching im getting frustrated trying to find profiles for my sims, i have the new sst profiler software, and the profiles im looking for are to use in fsx,fs2004,lomac,dcs blackshark,falcon 4.0 and il-1946,i found plenty of the old .dat files but not the new .pro files if anyone could send me links to any of these profiles i would be very grateful. im a pretty expereinced flightsimmer,but always with standard sticks,and ive been scratching my head with this thing all morning!lol,if i could get a few of these profiles im sure ill be able to tweak them to my liking after that. thanks again ;)

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