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  1. Everybody is looking, but nobody has a response. Is the subject like a virus, no one wants to talk about it?
  2. I got it to work first make a copy of you AmericanNW folder and rename to AmericanNWW (Two W's) Next add winter Files to the new directory Next open your AmericanNW.ini file an edit like shown [Terrain] TerrainFullName=American Northwest Winter <-----Change Name DataFile=AmericaNWW_data.ini <-----Change to two W's TargetFile=AmericaNWW_targets.ini <-----Change to two W's TargetTypeFile=AmericaNWW_types.ini <-----Change to two W's MovementFile=AmericaNWW_movement.ini <-----Change to two W's NationsFile=AmericaNWW_nations.ini <-----Change to two W's BriefingText=AmericaNWW_briefing.ini <-----Change to two W's DogfightFile=AmericaNWW_dogfight.ini <-----Change to two W's DogfightOnly=FALSE the next step is change all AmericanNW.* file names to two W's in the new AmericanNWW directory Next start SFP1 and have fun, It worked for me.
  3. Help me please, I can't access MarcFighters Web site. http://www.marcfighters.hpg.ig.com.br/index.htm but I can access the download pages but none of the links work http://www.marcfighters.hpg.ig.com.br/page2.htm thru page 17 I'm not using any download managers, but I did try to use Netpumper & GetRight to see if that was the problem. Thanks for any help in advance.

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