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  1. thanks for the tips ive downloaded the sinai and im downloading the EAW Europe map as i type this. thanks for the help. ill be flyin in europe in about 45 mins (wretched 56ks) now if only i can fly an entire campaign without bugs.
  2. hi there. ive been in a download frenzy with this game ive recently d/l cyprus, korea, american nw w/ winter, euro, the range. i was wondering if there are anymore terrains hiding somewhere. maybe some jungle type tiles for korea (right now i have it as euro colors). if there are more that im missing please tell me. oh i almost forgot, are there any new desert tiles the original is starting to get a little bland. you modders are awesome thanks for all athe great work. also thanks to anyone who replies.
  3. ok good im glad its not just me. i guess i'll have to live with single player missions. do downloaded campaigns work? ill have to download one of them and see. thanks for help.
  4. to be honest im leaning more toward 60 and 70s planes because im a newb in that category. i know WWII and modern planes. but inbetween its all new to me. however whatever the modders turn out is whatever i download. its all good.
  5. i have tried to play a campaign in strike fighters a few times and it works well until an intercept mission comes up. when i get to the objective point i fail the mission. it happens usually when a friendly drops a bomb in the area. i think the game thinks my friendly bombers are the bandits. i haven't tried to target them yet though. also when i skip interecept missions and play missions like CAP, fighter sweep, etc. it works fine... for a little while.a few missions later no primary targets show up and i fail the mission as soon as the mission starts. also when i upgraded to an f-104 it didn't let me fly the f-104. it made me fly the f-100. its drivin me nuts. this game is too fun. but riddled in bugs. if anyone knows what the deal is please help. i almost forgot. when i first got the game it would upgrade to the f-104 after about 3-5 missions. now it doesn't mention aircraft upgrades at all. please help i have reinstalled the game and used the patch but it doesn't seem to help. thanks
  6. viewing awards

    the bandits i fight are whatever they throw at me. but when i fight a mig 19 or 21 shouldn't they be able to carry some ir missles. i know none of the other enemy aircraft carry missles. also what about SAMs. i haven't seen any or been killed by any are they around? thanks for the reply
  7. is it possible to view awards after you earn them i looked in the pilot record screen and i cant see them. hmm. also how come none of the enemies carrie missles. and another thing, i have never seen a SAM. i heard beeps on RWR but thats about it. in air defense suppression missions i never kill any SAMs just AAA. i have the sp1 installed so shouldn't sams be around. thanks for the help
  8. hey thanks for all the posts and tips. sorry for not replying very soon i went on vacation for a few days. i have gotten it stable with no crashes. it appears i needed to reinstall the sound drivers. also i got up to about 15fps on mostly high settings with the exceptions shadows, mirrors, and view distance. thats AA 6x too so it aint that bad. (performance isn't affected by AA on my computer for some reason.) but no more freezing. boo yah! i just d/l the f-86 and im stoked. just waitin for the patch. does anyone here get purplish briefing text or slitghtly garbled text. i figure it to be a redeon related thing but just wondering. thanks again for the all the help. i really appreciate.
  9. thanks for the tips i will try to d/l the newest sound drivers (i think i have them). i noticed the same problem in Neverwinter Nights. i uninstalled it and haven't played it since. perhaps i ought to test it. i just changed the SMARTGART agp settings to off. so should i completly uninstall smartgart. they have an uninstaller at ati.com. um is there anything else i should know from the french site. (i can't read french) i knew shouldn't have taken spanish. thanks again for the posts. i hope i can get it going good because this game is fun.
  10. thanks for the tips ill have to try it. another thing my game freezes about ten or 15 minutes into a mission and it starts making wierd sounds. it happens in all game modes. otherwise fun game. (i just learned how to use the sidewinders) i can't get the sparrows to work yet though. but ill keep at it for ten to 15 minutes at a time. oh i forgot to say that i have tried to uninstall and reinstall but still no go. i want to actually complete a mission. thanks again for the help
  11. hi i just got this game (despite the criticism for bugs) and it runs fine except it runs super slow at high settings. i know what your thinking. just turn down the settings. but i have a decent system capable of running this game on high. i haven tried low but medium still runs slow also about 15 fps. i applied the patch and i noticed in the readme it said that ati card may have bad performance. is it supposed to be this bad? do any other ati users have this problem. oh also no matter what video settings i change in the desktop AA aniso filtering etc it doesn't effect performance whatsoever. here are my specs p4 1.6 gig 512 ram radeon 9600 pro 128mb (cats 3.6) sb audigy gamer

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