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  1. wow, thierrys model is excellent! I was wondering if any modellers can help me with the cockpit area? I don't know whether it is best to use the main fusleage cylinder and model the cockpit area from that or do as i did in the screenshot above and create a cylinder and model the cockpit separately. If i go with the latter method i cannot seem to create a decent gradient between the cockpit bulge and the rest of the fuselage. as u can see in the screenshot i get shadows under the cockpit. Is there something very obvious i'm missing here? thanks, Umlungu
  2. jeez! 5ft circle, that is impressive. I supose the engines weren't that big in those days, still big enough for me!! That's good info about the long takeoff roll, can't imagine as much thought goes into that sort of calculation these days, but i'm probably wrong! I've seen from my limited real aircraft experience the effect wind has on just flying straight and level never mind taking that into account when delivering free fall ordinance! Umlungu
  3. thanx for the comments! Dueces, i'm glad some1 else is doing this bird cos he will make a much better job of it than me! I will carry on with it tho just to gain experience and pick up tips etc etc Rarebear, it must have been really cool and challenging to fly these planes with no "modern" electronic equipment just the skill of you as a pilot and a big jet engine :) Umlungu
  4. Thanks for the reply jeff, I hope i can tap into the wealth of knowledge out there! I'm sure i have alot to learn! Umlungu
  5. Hello all! I am new to the forums so be gentle :-) I got sfp1 about a month ago now and i was very impressed with the graphics and gameplay. It made a refreshing change from il2/fb which i have played extensively! Anyway i have started to model for the sim. i have never done this thing before, i only used to knock about in 3dsmax for a school project. See what you think, i'm modelling an f-84f, i haven't seen anyone else modelling it so i thought i'd have a go. I would greatly appreciate some tips and feed back as i have no idea what is right/wrong good/bad etc Thanks! Umlungu

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