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  1. I guess mostly what spoils it is the sluggish roll. But I bagged me a couple of MiG-17's yesterday using the gun, good fun. Waiting for the 2:nd patch! :D
  2. What can I say? The aircrafts are beautifull looking and just looking at them kept me busy for several hours. However, when all that had settled down several shortcommings in the FM started rising to the surface. First, there appears to be no big difference between the fighters when it comes to manouverability. They all roll the same and they basically all turn the same. Now the roll rate is plane silly. It's sluggish to say the least! Once you get a roll started it will roll several times by itself. Stopping the rolls with an opposite stick movement seems impossible as the momentum appears to be very high. All the fighters turns like modernday fighters with relaxed static stability and FBW. Where is the Supestall? Where are the surging engines? I hate to see a game with potential such as this one, not be all it can be! Am I alone on this one? Is there a upgrade to fix all this?

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