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  1. File Name: Tu-16 Static File Submitter: Ken in Kansas File Submitted: 13 Feb 2007 File Updated: 9 Sep 2007 File Category: Heavy Bombers and Multi Engined Aircraft Here is a static Soviet Tu-16 that I came up with for airfield strike missions; I have to acknowledge Cmrpnt's static Mig-17 for inspiration and how-to, and also Guest for the original flyable Tu-16, which I used as the basis for the static model. Both are available on this website. To install, just unzip the files, and drag and drop into the Objects>Aircraft directory. Known issues: - During a mission, the game will crash if you try to fast-forward waypoints. It will work if you engage autopilot and select time-accel. - The static aircraft are recognized only as aircraft, not ground objects. If you're going to use them in missions, insert them as aircraft. If you want to bomb them, make your mission an air-to-air one, such as Sweep or Intercept. Enjoy Click here to download this file
  2. Addon Skin Problems

    USAFMTL: thanks for the reply. Yes to both questions. When I compare the folders to those of folders that work ok, I don't see an obvious difference. These are hi-res skins, and I wonder if that's part of the problem.
  3. Hello: I loaded several of the F-15C skins that are available off this site. I keep having problems with the skins showing up blank (ie, white). I can't figure it out; I've loaded the skins into the right directory, I've got the lines added in the config files for the new texture folders...does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. That was it! Thanks a lot!
  5. Help! For some reason, I can't load weapons on the Mig-21 or CF-104 with WOV/WOE. I was able to in the past, now when I try to select any weapons from the drop down menus on the load out screen, only drop tanks are available, no matter what hardpoint I'm on. I've looked at the .ini files for both aircraft, everything seems ok. Any ideas?
  6. I'm playing WOV. I tried installing the Roland and 2S6, but had problems with both. I finally got the Roland working after a fashion by making the Seacat its missile. I like flying modern aircraft in this game, but I think we need 'modern' SAMS. Are there any SAMs out there that are more advanced than the SA-2, that work ok? Thanks again in advance.
  7. Sorry...the latest ones are the F-15 skin pack from Avsim, and several other F-15 skins I recently loaded. I've noticed it on others, including F-4s. I run WoV almost exclusively, although I also have SFP1 (latest patch for both).
  8. Hi: I'm really enjoying all the skins available for WOV/SFP1, but after I load a skin and follow the directions, the airplane shows up with a 'blank' or white skin when I select the new skin. I've tried editing the config files that have the texture info, and also resizing the skins to 2048x2048, but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance...

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