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  1. Strike Fighters: AV-8C

    Interesting developments in SF land... Wings Over Europe Harrier external view I wonder if this Harrier builds on the fine freeware work detailed above (flight model in particular), or if it's completely independent? Some other notable planes in that set, too. Got to love the Hawker Hunter! :)
  2. what am I doing now?

    Ah, interesting that you're using the TSE! I was wondering what the first high-profile game to use this would be (you guys are high-profile in my books, at any rate :) I can't say I much care about shaders and such, just as long as the viewing distance doesn't suffer. I think the Atlas demo I looked at a while back was pretty good in this respect, however. I presume you're still working on getting the terrain integrated? The water looks okay (and in fairness water is kinda important for your campaign), but I'd much rather see the landscape :) I hope the new work goes smoothly!
  3. what am I doing now?

    Best not to host the videos locally, then. There are a number of services which will host files for free, so upload to them and just link to them from your own site. I don't know all of the limitations that each of these sites might have, but you will almost certainly meet your needs with one or other of them. RapidShare I'll Host It Filegone Putfile ...or just peruse this list :) Some sites will delete files that have not been downloaded for a certain number of days. As a workaround you probably need only hit them momentarily, and could do so by opening a set of bookmark tabs, then cancelling each download in turn, which would be a small task to remember to do once or twice a month. Paid memberships probably eliminate this sort of issue, OTOH. Of course if the problem is really only in the month or two after a new video is released, then you could probably safely revert to local hosting after the other site has handled the bulk of the traffic for you, and not need to worry about keeping tabs on a large number of exernal files.
  4. Strike Fighters: AV-8C

    This is just a heads-up for all the Harrier fans out there. It's been a long wait since vector-thrust support was added to Strike Fighters: Project 1 (SFP1), but a Harrier that fully supports the feature is finally available! Revamped AV-8C Completed and Ready for D/L Update of the AV-8C... AV-8 VSTOL Tips AV-8 Landing Pattern Harrier Landing Lights
  5. what am I doing now?

    Such comments always remind me of this, from the postmortem of "Heavy Gear 2" at Gamasutra:
  6. what am I doing now?

    That sounds like a good sort of middle-ground. Thanks for the reply!
  7. what am I doing now?

    What's the current situation with the flight modelling? It would be really nice if the flight model was dynamically affected by damage, rather than entering into some pre-scripted behaviour, but of course highly detailed damage modelling is a fairly large can of worms for a small team. Do you have concrete plans for handling the effect of damage on flight modelling? Or is this side of things still undecided?
  8. what am I doing now?

    heh... I was really expecting a couple of years to completion as well (among other things, I had thought that the campaign was not yet under serious development, for instance?), so I'm sure we can look back on this thread when the sim is complete and see which of the devs was right :) (the winner can owe the loser a beer, or something :) That Mirage cockpit looks gorgeous, btw.
  9. what am I doing now?

    Moreover, it sounds to me as if they're doing things the best way possible... by making the single player game use the same communication protocols as the multiplayer game, you don't end up with two separate sets of code for handling the two game types. I figure this means there's a much better chance of ending up with great features like co-operative multiplayer in the campaign. The downside is that all the network debugging is necessary even for single-player. The upside is that the network code should be pretty solid, rather than a cross-your-fingers-and-hope sort of affair.
  10. what am I doing now?

    If you focus on the behind-the-scenes stuff first and foremost and leave the bulk of the visual work for later, you'll do just fine. But given that the last project like this came out in 1992, it would be a bit harsh to call Jet Thunder "dated" in any case :)
  11. Some inspiration

  12. This might be of some interest to some of you. The URL below goes to the Designer's Notes page, and you can get to the 16MB demo from the link at the bottom of that page. http://www.shrapnelgames.com/prosim/falklands_82/7.htm

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