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  1. WoW! That Russian version is damn impressive!! The only time I see one is from IL-2+UltraPack 2. Anyway thanks!
  2. My rig Q6600@3.6 + GTX 560 Ti produce the following performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L2XT6SNcmFU
  3. What is HDR? Also how big is the deal to use the Terrain Editor to change the tile size? Can you enlighten me up on this? THANKS
  4. Good to have someone to confirm this. Thanks! I use coretemp to keep track of my CPU temperature. I also use dual monitor and run SF in windowed mode. It's an observation that only core 0 is constantly loaded whereas others are almost idle. I have solved the frame rate issue. One day I was playing FE, and thought such beautiful terrain, what if a Sabre runs in the theatre...then I cut and paste the add-on Sabre to the aircraft folder. It just runs fast! I'll capture the video to you later tonight or tomorrow. Then I found out the Flightengine.ini. Having said that, one of the drawback, slight drawback, is that you lose some "far" distance sight having the horizon distance cut off. Also the whole scenery from certain altitude looks misty. Apart from that, everything is fine fine and fine!
  5. Coul d u do me a favour to supply me with a jet flying on the deck in Sf2 i want to see if it has that sense of speed before I purchase it
  6. Where I might find a MiG-15 cockpit for the MiG-15 in SF1? The current pit is only an A-4 pit!?
  7. What is holding me back to get SF2 is the number of add-ons are far less than those available for SF1. Another thing is that sale only from Thirdwire website, I wish it would be available from Amazon for instance. Back to my original question, my rig is an aging Q6600 but with a modern card GTX 560 Ti. Also, there is a 60GB SSD in my system. Still with all the default installation settings, graphics being set to High, I can only get 34~36 FPS in FE1. Out of sheer coincidence, I discovered modifying the High Details Option in FlightEngine.INI mainly the horizon distance parameter that will give a boost to the frame rate. But still, I have to sacrifice game experience for frame rates. Are there a demo of SF2 available so that I can try it out before I buy?
  8. Hi folks, Just curious to know, any one of you has ever run SF series Wo* with Unlimited graphics settings with smooth frame rates up to 60 and beyond? If so, what is the spec of your rig? Appreciate if you would share your experience here coz I want to do a major upgrade from my Q6600 + 560 Ti + OCZ SSD system, thanks in advance!
  9. I have found running the same jet fighter in Flanders (FE1) and desert (SFP1) the former map gives faster frame rates. So here is what I intend to do, decrease the theatre size of desert, but how it is done? Could anybody enlighten me upon this one? Many thanks!
  10. Jets in the same theatre

    Hi You mentioned that the size of the FE theatre is smaller. Can you possibly tell me how to reduce the size of the Israel theatre for instance, is that something to do with the flightengine.ini file? Thanks Best regards Peter
  11. Jets in the same theatre

    I am extremely happy!! Dug out the FlightEngine.INI file and made some changes. From WOI [FarSceneClip] FarClipDistance=20000.0 NearClipDistance=1000.0 [NormalSceneClip] FarClipDistance=15000.0 NearClipDistance=149.9 [NearSceneClip] FarClipDistance=150.0 NearClipDistance=0.4 [LowDetailOption] HorizonDistance=6000.0 DetailMeshSize=4 DetailLevel=0 WaterEffect=0 NoiseTexture=0 MaxTextureRes=128 [MedDetailOption] HorizonDistance=7000.0 DetailMeshSize=6 DetailLevel=0 WaterEffect=1 NoiseTexture=0 MaxTextureRes=256 [HighDetailOption] HorizonDistance=7500.0 DetailMeshSize=8 DetailLevel=0 WaterEffect=2 NoiseTexture=1 MaxTextureRes=512 [unlimitedDetailOption] HorizonDistance=8000.0 DetailMeshSize=10 DetailLevel=1 WaterEffect=2 NoiseTexture=1 MaxTextureRes=0 <----- previously -1 [WorldSettings] SectorWidth=20 SectorHeight=20 SectorMaxObject=256 Border=25000.0 MinHeight=0.5 MaxHeight=25000.0 [MapSettings] MapMaxSize=200000 MapMinSize=5000 MapInitSize=10000 MapScaleRate=5.0 ZoomControl=CAMERA_ZOOM_CONTROL I suppose Border in World Settings represents the world size. And please please tell me how do I migrate the beautiful Flander terrain to WoI, I really love the green of the terrain, and I only play MiG-15/17 and F-86 so i dont need those SAMs and modern air field. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  12. Jets in the same theatre

    I've got something like 100FPS! I feel like playing LOCKON actually :-) Is SF2 available on retail stores?
  13. Hi folks I have fun with FE1 for years now, every weekends for an hour or two. The flanders terrain is specially beautiful. Then I thought putting in a jet fighter against a propeller would be even more fun. So I did, an F-86 was added to the Aircraft folder. Stunned with the frame rates. It flies really fast, much faster than in the Wings of Europe theatre. What are the reasons for the difference in the speediness? Just curious to know.

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